Step-by-step code installation guide

How to install exit popup on BigCommerce:

Follow this step-by-step guide to install Wheel of Popups on BigCommerce. We've written this guide without technical mambo-jumbo to help get you started quickly.

Follow these easy steps & install BigCommerce popups:
  1. 1 Login to your BigCommerce Dashboard and click on Storefront in the left side bar menu (or, if you see Storefront Content and Storefront Design in the menu instead, click on Storefront Design).
  2. 2 Next, click on the Footer Scripts option.
  3. 3 Or, if you had to click on Storefront Design in the last step, make sure you're in the Design Options tab.

    On the right side, there are some navigational links at the top. Select Scripts, which is to the right of both Logos and Carousel & Social Media.
  4. 4 Place your Wheel of Popups install code in this section and then click Save.

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