Step-by-step code installation guide

How to install exit popup on Joomla:

Follow this step-by-step guide to install Wheel of Popups on Joomla. We've written this guide without technical mambo-jumbo to help get you started quickly.

Follow these easy steps & install Joomla popups:
  1. 1 Sign into your Joomla Control Panel and click Templates located under the "Configuration" heading on the left (NOTE: On older versions of Joomla! this will be displayed as Template Manager).
  2. 2 Click on your active site template name (indicated by a star next to the name). In this case, it is Protostar.
  3. 3 Click index.php in the file list on the left hand side (located under the "Editor" tab.)
  4. 4 Paste the Wheel of Popups install code inside of the head tags within index.php (make sure that the code is in between the two head tags)
  5. 5 Click Save & Close.

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