Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are getting from our new users, hope the answers below will help you get a better grasp of Wheel of Popups.

Will it affect my SEO rankings or page speed times?
No, it will not affect your rankings or page speed times, don't worry — we've been e-commerce retailers ourselves for the past decade, so we know how SEO is important when you're considering any third-party plugin or app. Since our popup loads only after your website is fully loaded, there is no delay in page load speed time, and it has no effect to your SEO rankings whatsoever.
Will exit intent work both on desktop and mobile devices?
The popup is fully responsive so it will work on any device. You can even choose if you want it to pop up soon after page is loaded, or on visitor's exit intent. Exit intent is tracked when a mouse leaves the viewport of the browser on desktop computers, or if a user suddenly scrolls up on mobile and tablet devices. This has proven to be the most effective method of capturing their intent to leave your website.
Will it work properly on my website or platform?
Wheel of Popups is engineered from the ground-up to work with any website and platform. You simply have to copy and paste a one line of code and you're done. Yes, it's that easy. Try it out!
If a visitor comes to my website again, will they see the popup again?
Security layers have been built on top of the app so it doesn't allow your website visitors to take advantage of the popup system. We track if this particular visitor has already been on your website, and if it was, we don't load the popup at all for them.
Can I use it on a non-English website?
Yes! Everything can be easily translated by clicking your mouse in the admin dashboard. You have about 20 sentences that show up in the WheelOfPopups to translate and you're done! You can also use this feature to customize the messages that appear in the popup to better fit your brand. It's all up to you! Try it out.