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Why use Wheel of Popups?

Smart digital marketers achieve an average 14% sales lift within 60 days of using Wheel of Popups

Convert 14% more visitors to buyers the fun way

Our "exit-intent" technology recognizes when a visitor wants to leave your website, and shows them a popup with The Wheel of Fortune™ miliseconds before they leave.

Your customers will then spin this Wheel of Fortune to score a discount code, ending up having fun and buying your products. Oh, and they will leave their email address as well.

We'll make sure you're the one who wins

You can set the discounts that are shown on the fortune wheel and the probability for your visitors to score each one of them. This way you can decide how much of a discount they will score.

When they spin the wheel you will get their names, email addresses, phone numbers, or anything else you want to ask from your visitors to enter before spinning the wheel - and about 14% will do it.

Brand it. Customize it. Translate it.

Easily change all colors of the fortune wheel and add your company logo to make it your own. Also, all text that is shown can be edited which is ideal if you want to translate it to your language.

Advanced configuration helps you limit the wheel to be shown only on mobile or desktop devices, when a visitors leave your website or soon after it's opened. All data and leads can be exported.

Install it on ANY website or platform in 7 mins

All platforms are supported. Getting started is as easy as copying and pasting one line of code anywhere in your web page, similar to Google Analytics or any other simple tool.

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Enabled by: Zapier API

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are getting from our new users, hope the answers below will help you get a better grasp of Wheel of Popups.

Is Wheel of Popups fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?
Yes! Wheel of Popups is 100% GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. We act as a data processor and allow our users to add a GDPR-compliant checkbox that their website visitors must accept future marketing to be sent to their email address in order to spin the wheel.
Will it affect my SEO rankings or page speed times?
No, it will not affect your rankings or page speed times, don't worry — we've been e-commerce retailers ourselves for the past decade, so we know how SEO is important when you're considering any third-party plugin or app. Since our popup loads only after your website is fully loaded, there is no delay in page load speed time, and it has no effect to your SEO rankings whatsoever.
Will exit intent work both on desktop and mobile devices?
The popup is fully responsive so it will work on any device. You can even choose if you want it to pop up soon after page is loaded, or on visitor's exit intent. Exit intent is tracked when a mouse leaves the viewport of the browser on desktop computers, or if a user suddenly scrolls up on mobile and tablet devices. This has proven to be the most effective method of capturing their intent to leave your website.
Will it work properly on my website or platform?
Wheel of Popups is engineered from the ground-up to work with any website and platform. You simply have to copy and paste a one line of code and you're done. Yes, it's that easy. Try it out!
If a visitor comes to my website again, will they see the popup again?
Security layers have been built on top of the app so it doesn't allow your website visitors to take advantage of the popup system. We track if this particular visitor has already been on your website, and if it was, we don't load the popup at all for them.
Can I use it on a non-English website?
Yes! Everything can be easily translated by clicking your mouse in the admin dashboard. You have about 20 sentences that show up in the Wheel of Popups to translate and you're done! You can also use this feature to customize the messages that appear in the popup to better fit your brand. It's all up to you! Try it out.
Exit Popup Reviews

Used by 26,928 happy marketers 😍

The feedback we're getting is nothing short of incredible. Join these awesome marketers & business owners to start growing your online sales and building your email lists with our exit intent popup.

It is by far the best exit intent pop-up available for e-commerce websites - it's fun for the visitors and easy to customize for the business owners.

Hossein Shams
Computers & Electronics

I installed Wheel Of Popups about a week ago and just had a look to see how it's going - it's converting at 17%! That's incredible!

Sarah Johnes
Lifestyle & Home

Love it. Excellent design, excellent app dashboard, fast, effective. The best exit intent app I've ever used. And it's FREE!

Maryam Amiri
Fashion, Beauty & Bridal

We love it and so do our customers! Our shop's revenues have increased with wheel of popups by 18%. Give it a try, your customers will probably prefer it over every other pop-up tool available.

Jeff Harrison
Hobbies & Travel

I'm in LOVE with this Wheel! It has doubled my sales in one day from putting it online. Thank you!

Emma Petterson
Business & Education

Great concept! Everyone loves a discount and everyone loves to win. Our conversion rate for lead generation averages at 15%, compared to 3% we were getting with another exit-intent popup.

Katie Flemings

WheelOfPopups is incredibly good at converting and getting people to hand over their email address. Thanks a lot and congrats on developing such a great product...

Michael Thorton
Automotive & Industrial
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