"Did you know that 99% of the most popular lead generation tools doesn't use gamification in 2020? But this tool changes everything for SMBs!"

Did you know that the average conversion rate on a lead generation form presented as a website pop-up is less than 4%, even if you only ask for their email address and offer a nice discount in return for their engagement?

The biggest problem of any online tool for lead generation is that it's result is boring, with a huge form and copy that yells "BUY!". Our research shows the easiest way to engage users to submit contact info by offering a fun experience.

This is exactly why we have created a gamified promotion tool which can be used by anyone to create an engaging online promotions that your users will actually love. The average conversion rate we've achieved with this approach is a whooping 13.9% across millions of users.

Conversion Rate 0.5% - 4%
The Old way Annoying
Old discount popups
    Choose the old way if:
  • You don't care about customer experience
  • You like hiring designers to customize it
  • You're OK with leaving sales on the table
  • You don't want to grow your business
Conversion Rate 12% - 25%
The Right way Engaging
    Choose the right way if:
  • You care about engaging your customers
  • You don't want to lose time on designers
  • You care about your store's performance
  • You're motivated to break your sales record
Collect leads in 7 minutes

100% Guaranteed Results. No credit card needed.

Design engaging lead generation campaigns.

Using a gamified approach with a spin-to-win wheel you will be able to skyrocket your conversion rate, increase customer engagement and establish a better connection with your prospects, which will much more likely become leads after you collect their detials. "Point and click" designing.

Online promotion app screenshot
Online promotion app screenshot

Preview collected email leads in the software.

As you begin generating leads you will want to preview the collected emails and phone numbers right inside the tool. This is why our leads feature allows you to preview, filter/segment, and export your collected leads as a core part of any lead generation tool in 2020.

Real-time analytics & reports generation.

In this tool you will be able to compare and analyze the effectiveness of every lead generation campaign you will be running to collect email and phone leads. All of this will be presented in a beautiful graph customizeable by date range and by lead gen campaigns for split testing.

Online promotion app screenshot
Online promotion app screenshot

Beautiful overview of lead generation campaigns.

Dashboard is an integral part of a lead generation tool, so we've built it to be beautiful, intuitive and informative for digital marketers to use. Every tool's dashboard needs to display an overview of lead gen campaigns, activity feed, as well as the most important KPIs.

Lead gen tool that connects
with over 2,000 integrations.

Gamified lead generation toolkit that plays well
with all marketing tools you think of using.

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